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GCD Healthcare 

the leading provider of medical equipment and healthcare supplier in Hong Kong.


About GCD Healthcare

We are a young company which started in 2011 but we have got over 30 YEARS medical & healthcare experience. For over 8 years, we represent a well-diversified medical and healthcare supplier to Surgeries, Hospitals, Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Research Institutions, Universities, Schools, Government Bodies as well as Private Businesses. We also supply to Professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Medical Students or even General Public interested in healthcare at home. 

We are committed to offering a wide range of products such as patient safety, pressure relief, infection and hygiene control, wound care, facilities, daily living and special equipment such as patient temperature warmer and blood fluid warmer.

GCD’s brand personality is best defined as “Create a better tomorrow”. In the digital age, we aim to approach customer needs holistically and humanely. We believe health and care must be recreated as customer pursue quality lifestyle and unique experience.

As we look forward to our future growth in new product lines and geographic locations we will never lose sight of our passion and commitment in servicing you and your patients. Our goal is to always remain the recognized provider and leader in durable medical equipment and healthcare providers.

We look forward to partnering with you now and in the future.

– Your GCD Team



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