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Celox Veterinary Granules

Celox Veterinary Granules

Celox Veterinary Granules
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  • Celox Veterinary Granules is a fast and effective first aid treatment for animals that are bleeding. When mixed with blood, CELOX forms a gel-like clot in just 30 seconds and stops arterial and venous hemorrhaging in less than 3 minutes.
  • Celox acts independent of the body's normal clotting processes. Celox contains highly absorbent chitosan granules that will form a robust gel plug covering and blocking the bleeding source. Indicated for the control of moderate to severe bleeding.
  • Celox is effective in:
    Hemostasis following sharp debridement
    Field trauma
    Severe high pressure bleeding
    Mass removals
    Dental bleeds
    Clotting containing heparin
    Effective clots hypothermic blood (cold conditions)
  • Celox products have been used on the battlefield on some of the worst wounds imaginable. Just pour, pack and apply pressure. Celox is extremely effective, safe and easy to use. Unlike some other clotting agents, Celox does not result from a thermal reaction. It will not burn the patient or caregiver.
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