The Hygiene Monitor

The Hygiene Monitor

The Hygiene Monitor

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The Hygiene Monitor allows you to manage, audit and review the cleaning regime. There are 5 types of hygiene monitor:

  • Standard

Offers a simple countdown from a predetermined time. On reaching ‘0’ INSPECTION NOW DUE is illuminated – Maximum countdown 19h 99 minutes battery low indication warning. Monitor is reset using the magnetic swab supplied.

  • Standard Plus

Offers all the features found on the standard monitor plus both night and day setting. Allowing you to set for example that between 07.00am – 22.00pm the count down is 60 minutes and between 22.00pm – 07.00am the countdown is 180 minutes.

  • Professional

Offers all the features found on the standard monitor plus the option to go in to a negative count on reaching zero (maximum negative count -19:59 minutes). Plus the option to alternate between live time clock and countdown etc.

  • Professional Plus

The Professional Plus allows you to accurately record the time, date, location and the name of the person who attended to your washrooms / facilities (and if they were late or early!). Employees are individually issued with a (credit card-sized) Smart card to use every time they are scheduled to clean and monitor the facilities. You can then view all this collected reliable data on a computer.

  • Ultima

The Ultima has all the features of the professional plus as well as customer feed back buttons, option to bleep if poor or fair pressed more than say 5 times within a countdown period, data showing what time buttons were pressed, Delay on buttons pressed.

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