Courtney Thorne Smart Wireless Nurse Call System

Courtney Thorne Smart Wireless Nurse Call System

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  • The Altra Smart Nurse Call System is fresh and modern looking, totally wireless with local and remote reporting, making nursing home and hospital nurse's life easier. 

  • The wireless technology means that it can be installed with minimal disruption, allows far more flexibility and reduce risks.

  • Built in Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, allowing connectivity and integration with a wide range of devices.

  • The multiple on-board sensors means your Nurse Call System will allow you to monitor patient and staff activity throughtout the hospital and nursing home environment, enhancing your ability to provide the safest possible environment. 

  • The patient call system uses the dedicated European 869.2MHz social alarms frequency to reduce interference.

  • The remote reporting system automatically records, monitors and analysis patient's activity, so that staff don't waste their time completing paperwork. Nursing home and hospital Managers can quickly compare performance against previous periods for different floors or wards.

  • The system can be used for both residents and staff. 

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