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Disposable Kidney Tray

Disposable Kidney Tray

The Disposable Kidney Tray is a mandatory selection in hospitals, nursing home, homecare and clinics setting.  It is cost-effective, clean and simple and better infection control. It serves for the transport and assistance of other smaller medical devices and items.


The Kidney Tray is made from recycled and disposable pulp material with added waterproofing. It is manufactured in accordance with Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC and passed quality management system standard ISO9001:2015 for disposable pulp products use in healthcare.


1.Fluid retention up to 4 hours

2.Encourages independence

3.700ml capacity

4.Suitable for post surgery/bed rest/incontinence

5.Single use

6.Made from 100% recycled material

Size:26cm x 14.7cm x 5cm




300pcs per carton

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