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Japan Wet Disinfectant Mat

Japan Wet Disinfectant Mat


Stop contamination at your foot step!!

WET DISINFECTANT Mat is composed of water absorbing unwoven fabrics of rayon impregnated with the disinfectants benzalkonium chloride and an alkaline agent. It prevents bacteria adhered to the floor from spreading.
(US Patent No.5792712 Japanese Patent No.3450090)

Bactericidal Activities of a Wet Disinfectant Mat
The bactericidal activies of a WET DISINFECTANT MAT against each bacteria was investigated using disk plate method.The disk plate was incubated at 35C for 48Hrs, then the halo size was evaluated.WET DISINFECTANT MAT showd clear growth inhibition circle for s.aureus and MRSA, for B. cereus and S. enteri of food poisoning bacteria.



  • With 2sizes to choose: Large-1000X600 (mm) and Standard-500X600 (mm), fits most doorways 
  • For large mat, sprinkle 250ml of water twice a day 
  • For standard mat, sprinkle 100ml of water twice a day
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