Ropimex Telescopic Screens RTS

Ropimex Telescopic Screens RTS

Ropimex Telescopic Screens RTS


  • Swing out and self supporting screens

  • After use, simply push the screen together and turn it towards the wall

  • Curtains rings are included


Ropimex® RTS 2.1
RTS 2.1 protects from the wall to the end of bed Telescopic screen extension 85 – 210 cm, 17 Rings
Weight: 0.7 kg


Ropimex® RTS 1.5

RTS 1.5 protects 3/4 of the lenght of the bed Telescopic screen extension 65 – 150 cm, 13 Rings

Weight: 0.6 kg


Ropimex® RTS 1.2

RTS 1.2 small protection: max 120 cm Telescopic screen extension 55 – 120 cm, 10 Rings

Weight: 0.5 kg

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