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SafeStraw allows healthcare providers to safely manage swallowed liquid volume and help reduce aspiration risk of patients with oral motor dysfunction.

Problem: Patients with oral motor dysfunction have difficulty controlling a liquid bolus and often swallow prematurely causing them to aspirate.

Solution: SafeStraw™ limits volume to 6.2 ml's, per sip helping to reduce the likelihood of aspiration by promoting a controllable liquid bolus.

Result: Limited bolus size helps reduce aspiration risks allowing patients to safely, discreetly, and independently drink from a variety of containers such as cups and bottles.


Features & Benefits:

  • Successfully delivers approximately 6.2ml’s (roughly 1 teaspoon) of nutrition per sip
  • Alleviates the laborious task of manually controlling volume intake by squeezing a straw or spoon-feeding
  • Assists with the prevention of aspiration and oral motor control of a liquid
  • Two versions allow use with both thin or nectar thickened fluids
  • Discreet drinking tool. Fits in a variety of drinking containers including cups and bottles. 
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning with hot water and soap, or the top rack of a non-industrial dishwasher
  • Great training tool
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