Skil-Care Slip-Grip Non-Slip Matting

Skil-Care Slip-Grip Non-Slip Matting

Skil-care Slip-Grip Non-Slip Matting prevents cushions from slipping off chairs. It can be used as a place mat to hold plates so that unsteady eaters can feed themselves. It is perfect as a non-slip surface for arts and crafts projects.



  • Skil-Care Slip-Grip Non-Slip Matting can be cut to required length with scissors 
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water 
  • Size: 144"L x 12"W 
  • Sold in rolls


- Slip-Grip may be washed with soap and water and air dried
- Do not machine wash and dry
- Do not autoclave
- Make sure that Slip-Grip is completely dry before using
- Slip-Grip can EO sterilized

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